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Garage Door Repair in Shingle Springs, CA

When you find yourself in need of garage door services, Garage Door Repair Shingle Springs, CA has the solutions that you are looking for. We have trained technicians performing all of our repairs. We provide them with top of the line product to get the job done right. 

Qualified Professionals At Your Service

When you contact us for garage door repair, there will always be a qualified professional at your service. Our technicians are knowledgeable and fully trained. We hold all of our employees to the highest standards so we can guarantee that you always receive top-notch service.

Repairing Your Garage Door

If your garage door breaks, we are here to make sure it is fixed as quickly as possible. We understand how inconvenient it can be for your door to be down. Our technicians are familiar with all garage door types. They are able to handle both repair and replacement of every part, including:

  • Tracks
  • Rollers
  • Openers
  • Keypads
  • Remotes
  • Sensors
  • Garage door panels
  • Springs
  • Cables
  • Nuts, bolts, and screws

We can also send a technician out to inspect your garage door if you notice that it is not operating correctly. For example, if it begins to squeaky or is not running smoothly. Having a professional take a look at it at the first sign of a problem may prevent your door from breaking down in the future. 

We Only Work With Dependable Manufacturers

When we send a technician to your home, we want them to be able to provide garage door service that will last. This is why we only use parts that are made by dependable manufacturers. We want our customers to feel at ease knowing that the products going into their garage doors are durable. Working with these manufacturers also allows us to provide warranties for most parts. 

What Is The Emergency Release Cord?

For safety reasons, garage doors are equipped with a way to switch to manual operation. This is done with the emergency release cord. It is usually a red rope that hangs from the trolley.

This cord is to be used as a temporary solution in an emergency. An example of when you would use it would be when the electricity goes out. The emergency release cord is not meant to be used when your door is broken. 

Your garage door must be closed before you use the emergency release cord. If it is open, it could fall and injure somebody. To begin, you will pull the cord down and away from the garage door. When you do this, the trolley disengages from the opener carriage. You will now be able to manually open and close your door. When you are finished, close your garage door, and pull the cord down and towards the door. The trolley should reattach to the opener carriage at this time. 

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Garage Door Repair Shingle Springs, CA is ready to handle your repairs, maintenance, and installation services. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us for service today!

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